I often give talks to groups and Astronomy societies. Usually I am happy to travel up to 2hrs to give a talk, but I am  prepared to travel further now that I have a motorhome.  All I charge is the cost of getting to the venue.  Please email me to discuss giving a talk to your group. 

The talks available are:

Astronomy on a Tablet 

How Astronomy has Changed 

Remote Control your Telescope 

The Armchair Messier Marathon 

Wish You Were Here for Astronomers 

The Lunar 100 

Eisa Esinga - The Planetarium in the Bedroom     **NEW**

These are more tailored to photography clubs:

Introduction to Astrophotography

The Hidden Wonders of the Night Sky 

Motorbikes, Milky Way and Aurora

Workshop on photographing Star Trails, Milky Way and Aurora