My telescope are housed in domes supplied by Telescope House in London. One is 8ft wide and 8ft high from Sky Domes and the Pulsar Dome is 7ft, both sit on a concrete base. I can use a flat concrete pad because vibrations are not a problem because I operate the telescope remotely.

The 8' dome from Sky Domes is supplied in pieces and must be assembled. If you are going to assemble it yourself which is what we did, be prepared to help the driver unload the dome. When it comes to assembly, we often needed three people and when it came to lifting the dome onto the structure, a minimum of 4 people is required.

The dome makes observing very easy. The shutter is easily pushed back with a boat hook (you need to replace the flimsy one that is supplied) Sometimes the dome can be a bit stiff to turn but its not that difficult.

There is power to the dome which houses a 7" TMB on a Paramount ME and a PC which drives my CCD camera, a Movarian Instruments G3-16200 . There is a computer network from the house to the dome so that I can control the telescope from within the house. All of my PC's are running Windows 10 and connected to the house by a network. The network cable has been placed inside a hose pipe and either runs along the fence or is buried under the ground at certain points. I use VNC  to remotely control the telescope from inside the house.

Dome #2 is from Pulsar Optical and is 7ft. It is supplied complete and moves very easily. Inside is an Astro-Physics 4.75" Refractor with  Coronado Solarmax90 for solar observing.


 Dome #3 is a Skyshed POD